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The latest news about POSSEHL Spezialbau

The demands on our special construction services are constantly increasing. An entire industry is focusing on Industry 4.0, automation and sustainability. At the same time, topics such as urban living and the mobility revolution are gaining momentum and are also in the news. With us, you will always stay up to date on all topics related to our construction services. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. If you would like to be automatically informed about our latest publications, simply sign up for our POSSEHLerDigital - free of charge, of course.

Possehl remains on track for success in its anniversary year

In the 175th year of its existence, the long-established Lübeck-based company Possehl was able to continue its successful and profitable growth course of the past years, even though the difficult and challenging macroeconomic environment did not leave the company entirely unscathed. “We are very pleased that our highly diversified group of companies has once again performed well under difficult market and environmental conditions and that we can offer our sole shareholder, the non-profit Possehl Foundation, the prospect of a stable dividend level. Our employees worldwide have once again performed outstandingly and made a decisive contribution…

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POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU continues to grow

The Construction Services business unit is continuing its successful growth course of the past years. To this end, POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU GmbH has acquired all shares in VSI Sanierungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH and INNOBIT GmbH.

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