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For more than six decades, we have been providing construction services in a wide range of applications. In traffic areas , we increase service life and ensure greater safety. At the same time, we are promoting the mobility revolution in this area with the construction of cycle paths. Inparks and modern urban living spaces, we create places of well-being that are designed close to nature and require little maintenance. In airfields , our services ensure smooth operations and increase slot capacities with POSSEHL ANTISKID.

Industrial and operating areas are the structural business card of companies and have a high demand on functionality, safety and design. Here we see ourselves as surface professionals - from A to Z. We prepare the surfaces, restore, renovate and then redesign them.

Structural restoration is dedicated to the preservation of engineering structures. Here, the focus is particularly on the infrastructural structures of the railroad. Tunnels, bridges, sleepers and stops are refurbished and made fit for the future.

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Traffic areas

With our services in the area of traffic surfaces, we rehabilitate, repair and renew concrete and asphalt surfaces, thus ensuring a longer service life. With our services in the area of bicycle path construction, we actively promote the mobility revolution.


Parks and modern habitats

We make urban space more beautiful, because places of well-being and relaxation are in demand as never before. Not only in public spaces - also on company and factory premises. We promote the urban space of the future and help in gardening and landscaping with our services in path and area construction.


Flight operations areas

As experts in airfield surfaces for more than 60 years, we offer airport operators a comprehensive range of services and solutions - from complete rehabilitation to repair of runways, high-speed exits, parallel taxiways, etc.


Industrial and operational areas

Our services for industrial and factory surfaces range from floor coatings for warehouses and production halls to the construction of sliding surfaces for traffic practice areas and racetracks. We make floors and surfaces safer, more efficient and more durable.


Building restoration

Our structural rehabilitation services are used to repair buildings, shafts, bridges and other structures of all kinds in need of rehabilitation. We have specialized in the infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn AG.