Nothing is for eternity

Renovation and repair of structures
Building restoration and preservation

Every building is subject to great stress over the years. Environmental influences such as water, wind, air, cold and heat cause wear and tear on the structure, as does the natural aging process of the building materials used and the entire structure. In the end, renovation work to preserve a building can no longer be avoided. This is shown by the number of bridge structures in need of rehabilitation in Germany alone: around 3,000 road bridges and 1,000 rail bridges are in need of rehabilitation. In addition, there is a large number of buildings in need of rehabilitation.

Our structural rehabilitation services are used to repair buildings, shafts, bridges and other structures of all kinds in need of rehabilitation. We specialize in Deutsche Bahn AG facilities, but we have also used our solutions for numerous other customers.

Our portfolio ranges from concrete repair to gelation, structural waterproofing and masonry waterproofing.