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Flight operation areas

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Around 4 billion passengers are transported at airports worldwide every year. The forecast annual growth in international air traffic is 5% on average. This increase in passenger and freight volume poses an immense challenge to all airport operators. Runways must be maintained and repaired to ensure traffic safety, and major downtime must be avoided or is simply not feasible. The increased need for mobility also creates the need for smaller airports to renovate, expand or optimize their airfields.

As experts for aircraft movement areas for more than 60 years, we offer airport operators a comprehensive range of services and solutions - from complete rehabilitation to repair of runways, high-speed exits, parallel taxiways, aprons and hangar areas, including all preparatory work and ancillary services.

Particularly in the sensitive area of flight operation surfaces, the highest level of quality and expertise is required to ensure the safety of air traffic. In order to disrupt flight operations as little as possible, much of the work is carried out at night. High daily output is achieved by using a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment.

The flight operations area is also SCC certified.