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Since 1956, POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU has been active in the field of maintenance of vehicular-use surfaces, industrial and manufacturing areas, and aircraft-use pavements to maintain their value and ensure their use.

The company’s headquarters are in Sprendlingen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. In order to be closer to its customers, POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU is divided into regional divisions and operating facilities. The division Special Coatings for Airfield and Road Infrastructure is also based in Sprendlingen, and is internationally active.

From the very beginning, our corporate guidelines have entailed offering all construction services, including preparatory and additional work, from one source - to the benefit of our clients.

We view interdependent cooperation of the individual specialty divisions as one of our great strengths. Always standing behind POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU is a team of experienced specialists in the fields of surface construction and maintenance, who use their knowledge and expertise to focus on customized solutions to problems for the benefit of the customer.

Surface construction, including POSSEHL DSK, POSSEHL EP-GRIP, POSSEHL ANTISKID®, POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20, Preservation of Bituminous Pavements, Cut and Joint Technology, and removal processes like Grooving & Grinding, milling and shot blasting, are performed professionally, reliably, and on time.

We process high-quality, construction chemical cds® products from our subsidiary cds Polymere GmbH & Co. KG to improve the surface qualities of concrete and asphalt.

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU GMBH is a pre-qualified construction company and is listed under no. 101.000199 of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualifizierung und Bewertung GmbH.

Our declared corporate policy is to make the health and safety of our employees and others our top priority, to pay diligent attention to environmental protection, and to prevent damage to capital assets.

That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to engage in active, operational, preventative work with the support of external partners by providing our employees with regular safety training sessions and instructions, and conducting regular workplace safety checks at our worksites.