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Further company acquisition: Jacbo Pfahlgründungen GmbH

Possehl Spezialbau GmbH, Sprendlingen, acquired all of the shares in Jacbo Pfahlgründungen GmbH at the end of the past financial year 2019. Approval by the German Federal Cartel Office has already been granted. Hence, Possehl Spezialbau has completed yet another successful company acquisition within a short period of time.

Together with its two Dutch subsidiaries EFG Services B.V. and EFG Equipment B.V., Jacbo Pfahlgründungen GmbH holds a leading position in the German market for specialist civil engineering. Jacbo’s particular know-how lies in a time-saving partial- displacement technology which allows vibration-free working, requires no soil excavation and improves the subsoil at the same time.

Headquartered in Schüttorf/ Lower Saxony near the Dutch border, the company is represented throughout Germany by five branch offices. Over the past years, Jacbo has continuously extended its market position and most recently achieved annual sales of some 32 million euros. Jacbo’s two Managing Directors Arij Lambo and Paul Bouten will continue to run the business autonomously within the Possehl Spezialbau Group in the future.

“Jacbo will be constituting a significant company in the building construction & specialist civil engineering sector within our Special Purpose Construction division in the future, contributing to specifically expanding our product portfolio”, explains Mario Schreiber, Member of Possehl’s Executive Board and responsible for the Special Purpose Construction division.

L. Possehl Press Release