Werde Quereinsteiger


From 1956 until today


Possehl Chemie und Isolierstoffe GmbH, Hamburg, establishes a construction division under the name Possehl Chemie und Isolierstoffe, Hamburg, Vertretung Wiesbaden.

1959Acquisition and establishment of the building yard in Sprendlingen
1960Designation as a branch location of Possehl Chemie und Isolierstoffe GmbH, Hamburg, based in Wiesbaden
1965 Completion of first assignments in neighboring countries
1968Establishment of Possehl Chemie u. Isoliertoffe Ges.mbH in Wals near Salzburg, Austria (eventually Griffen)
1975Founding of the Bavel office, Netherlands
1980Registration as POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU GMBH in the Wiesbaden trade register. 50% of the shares are acquired by DEGEBAU, subsidiary of  German Shell AG, Hamburg
1984Establishment of Possehl Aannemingsmaatschappij B.V. in Oosterhout, Netherlands
1989Establishment of a subsidiary in Maribor, Slovenia
1995Repurchase of the 50% shares from DEGEBAU
2001Etablishment of a subsidiary in Croatia
2008New construction of headquarters / relocation of headquarters from Wiesbaden to Sprendlingen
2012Spin-off of the divison cds-epoxy systems and flooring materials  into an independent subsidiary - cds Polymere GmbH & Co. KG