Werde Quereinsteiger

POSSEHL Bike Path Coatings

For the colored design of exterior and traffic surfaces with clearly visible signaling effect to increase traffic safety

The POSSEHL Bike Path Coating uses a solvent-free, flexible epoxy resin system with color quartz chippings from our subsidiary cds Polymere, which has a high abrasion resistance and exhibits a minimum of five-fold higher durability than conventional marking materials (according to the test Report of RWTH Aachen).

A wide range of colors is available. The requirements of the DSGS (German Research Association for Road Markings) for the execution of red bicycle systems are fully met.

POSSEHL Bike Path Coatings can be used on both asphalt and concrete surfaces (also on surfaces with low surface strength), have a high degree of permanent flexibility, are resistant to de-icing salts and have a proven above-average useful life.

POSSEHL Bike Path Coatings have already been applied to more than one million square meters in the "cycling country" Netherlands.

Advantages of the POSSEH Bike Path Coatings

  • Reduced risk of accident due to high grip and color, even in wet conditions
  • At least 5 times more durable than conventional PMMA-based materials
  • No cracking or spalling, as the flexibilized material cures with low stress
  • Resistance to freeze-thawing and fuels
  • Day visibility acc. to the DSGS (German Research Association for Road Markings)
  • Low manufacturing and installation costs compared to colored asphalt
  • Good repairability of the coating after civil engineering works

Fields of application

  • Bike lanes
  • Exhibition areas
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Roads
  • Parkways
  • for installation on asphalt and concrete pavements