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POSSEHL Industrial Flooring Systems

Functionality, workplace safety, corporate design

Industrial Flooring Systems are, in the truest sense of the word, the "basis" of industry and commerce. Safety is thus the top priority: the surface protection coatings must be skid- and slip-resistant, as well as stable and able to handle mechanical strain. When it comes to functionality, it is important to perform cleaning work quickly and without any issues, and as a design element they are a component of corporate design and make up part of a company’s business card. They help protect the environment and prevent contamination from the seeping of oils, chemicals, or other liquids that can pollute groundwater.

Beside the installation of new industrial floors, POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU offers comprehensive maintenance concepts, including all subsurface pretreatment measures, modern laying technology, e.g. as thin layers that boast stronger mechanical protection than pure sealing systems, or as thick layers that create a more cohesive surface in the event of an uneven profile of the subsurface. To this end we utilize products from our subsidiary cds Polymere, among others.



From heavy-duty traffic, forklift traffic, or slip resistance to conductance, the customer defines the industrial flooring requirements.

Sealing Systems

For bracing the surface, preventing wear-induced dust build-up, and simplified cleaning.

Display areas, storage areas, production lines.

Chip and Decorative Coatings

The usage of colored chips, combined with fully dyed subsurfaces, results in many possible combinations for optical configuration. 

Display areas, sales areas, corridors, storage areas, decorative areas.

Structural Coatings

Structural and pimpled rubber coatings, both fine and coarse, offer a variety of possible configurations through the usage of various colored sands or sprinkled chips.


Worksites, technical areas, printing presses
Conductive Coatings

Antistatic coating systems with electrostatically conductive surface design for areas in which electrical charges need to be avoided. 

Water protection systems, protective surface coatings for petroleum basins and transformer housings, coating systems for catch basins and catchment areas, HBV areas, MTU areas, areas for induction-controlled transportation systems.
Crack-sealing systems

For improving flexibility, longevity, and skid-resistance.

Exhaust gases, de-icing salts, and moisture attack concrete and steel reinforcement. Elastic and crack-bridging coatings are used in order to protect the structural substance both during new construction as well as maintenance. 

Concrete bridges, bridge cappings, parking garages

Reactive resin screedsReactive resin coats and reprofiling products for various requirements and requirement groups stick out for their high level of mechanical strength. The colored design, via the usage of color pigments and a variety of sand mixtures, allows for the demarcation of pedestrian paths and car traffic routes (e.g. for forklifts).

Laser controlled, mechanical installation. Short curing periods.

Usage after 24 hours
High compressive strength › 75 N/mm²
High bending tensile strength › 20 N/mm²
Chemical resistance

Display areas, storage areas, production lines, etc.

Industrial Floor
with permanent marking
due to permeating
pigmentation of the epoxy coating

Sample plates of various
decorative and structural coatings

Harmoniously integrated
corporate design element

Skid-resistant, highly mechanically
durable bridge coating, noise-reducing,
oil and chemical resistant

Highly durable, dyed epoxy finish