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POSSEHL Water Environment Protection

In environmentally sensitive areas of the petrochemical industry for instance, leakage can lead to environmental hazards. Also the daily refueling of motor vehicles at filling stations with unavoidable fuel losses represents a potential danger for soil, ground water and surface waters.

Here, the legislature has defined safety measures in order to prevent contamination of the environment.

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU is a specialized company supervised by the German Technical Supervisory Association  (TÜV)  acc. to § 62 Item 4 WHG (German Federal Water Act).

In the area of joint repair, we offer tailor-made concepts for building maintenance (maintenance joints) and new construction - from cutting to the sustainable filling of joints - for concrete surfaces of service stations.

For the repair of damaged coatings as well as cracks and joints in concrete, we use excellent, proven water protection systems from our subsidiary cds Polymere with unusually good properties which preserve the substance:

  •  chemically resistant and impermeable
  •  resistant to mechanical effects
  •  crack-bridging and flexible
  •  discharge capability
  •  weather-resistant
  •  suitable for vehicle traffic
  •  approved by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute of Construction Techniques) Berlin

Available coating systems for environmental protection:

Two-component water protective systems on epoxy resin basis tested for decades and approved by German authorities

cds-WHG 2:   approx. 2mm, chemical-resistant and drivable, for the sealing of collecting basins, catch basins and  reinforced concrete surfaces.

cds-AS/WHG 2: approx. 2mm, chemical-resistant, drivable und electrically conductive, for the sealing of collecting basins, catch basins and  reinforced concrete surfaces.

cds-AS/WHG-TS: approx. 5mm, drivable and electrically conductive,  as coating for surfaces of petrol filling stations

Crack-bridging water protective coating on polysulfid basis  - an innovative sealing system for catch basins of petroleum, fuel and chemical storage tanks.

Difficult substructures and complex constructions (such as pipe clearances, dome shafts, flat-bottomed tanks) are permanently sealed. The system is resistant to the following substance groups: fuels, oils, hydrocarbons, benzene-containing mixtures, alcohols, esters and ketones, as well as dilute acids, alkalis and their salts. DIBt approved.