Werde Quereinsteiger

Cut and Joint Technology

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU offers customized concepts for preservation and new construction, from cutting joints to filling joints and cracks in asphalt and concrete areas.

Joint Cutting

  • Sawing of transverse joints, longitudinal joints, and press joints
  • Chip carving, bevel cuts, expansion cuts
  • Deep and separation cuts up to 50 cm in depth, diamond saw blades up to 1200 mm in diameter
  • Separation cuts in hydraulically bound base course
  • Horizontal separation of curbstone corners and bridge caps
  • Cutting of concrete and asphalt for induction loops to traffic lights, docking systems at air traffic areas and  Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

 Hot-Applied Sealing 

  • Joint sealing in new concrete surfaces
  • Hot sealing coumpounds
  • Crack-masking procedures
  • Mill and fill process
  • HPS procedure (hot pressurized air system)
  • Installation of sealing bands

 Cold-Applied Sealing

  • Filling of joints and cracks with cold sealing machinery
  • Installation of single- and dual-component joint sealants in concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Sealing of gas stations, catchment rooms and basins (e.g. via permanently flexible, polysulfide based elastic sealants)

 Crack Repair

  • Filling of cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Formation of seams, connections, joints

 Joint Profiles

  • Mechanical installation of pre-molded, permanently elastic joint profiles in motorway and air traffic areas
  • Installed joint profiles are resistant to liquid substances like fuels, hydraulic oils, and de-icing agents
  • Can also be laid in weather conditions that make traditional joint sealing impossible

 Joint bridging constructions

  • Installation of special joint profiles in various designs for vehicular-use surfaces and industrial areas with heavy loads
  • Installation of asphalt roadway crossovers