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POSSEHL ANTISKID® - the High-friction Surface for asphalt and concrete takeoff and landing runways

POSSEHL ANTISKID® is a special surface treatment for takeoff and landing runways, as well as high-speed exits, with a high-tech surface that offers optimum safety for takeoff and landing procedures, and which helps preserve the substance of the current structure as a reliable and long-term protective surface layer. It sticks out for its high wear resistance, heat and fuel resistance, and its resistance against all known chemical de-icing agents.


The surface treatment is produced with a two-component epoxy-resin-laying machine with integrated controls that ensures precise distribution of the binding agent, which is then coated with a basalt/high-grade grit mixture.

After rolling off and sweeping away the excess grit, another protective binding layer is sprayed on top in order to improve the surface quality.

The standard color of the ANTISKID surfacing is black, although it can be tinted with colored pigments in all colors as needed.


The thin-layered POSSEHL ANTISKID® developed by POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of the "ICAO-Aerodrome Design Manual Part 3" and fullfils for many years the "Design Objective for New Surface" of ICAO, Annex 14. As a "chip seal", it meets the requirements of the "Advisory Circular" of the US air travel authority FAA for the construction of slip-resistant surface coatings.

Since 1956, more than 30 million m2 of ANTISKID have been applied at over 130 civilian and military airfields both at home and abroad.

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU offers: specialist expertise, a modern appliance park, and more than 60 years of experience in the maintenance of air traffic fields.


Advantages of the POSSEHL ANTISKID® Surface

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