Werde Quereinsteiger

POSSEHL EP-GRIP for vehicular-use surfaces made from concrete and asphalt, and as a design element in landscaping

POSSEHL EP-GRIP are surface treatments with a reactive resin binding agent. They are used on lightly and heavily strained vehicular-use surfaces as a measure to improve skid-resistance and to reduce tire-pavement noise.

In municipal areas POSSEHL EP-GRIP is used with special color-conform natural grit as a decorative design element of roads and streets in local thoroughfares or residential areas.

It is produced by mobile, computer-operated, dual-component mixing and laying machines during the day or night, and this generally entails half the road being blocked.

By using brightly colored sprinkled grains, the roadway becomes more visible for drivers at night and in tunnels, thereby improving roadway and traffic safety.

Advantages of EP-GRIP in roadway construction

  • Optimum traffic safety due to enhanced road friction - even in the rain
  • Reduction of traffic noise by about 5 dB(a)
  • Reduction of surface spray
  • Improved cornering force
  • Better visibility in the dark (through usage of bright aggregates)
  • Long longevity through usage of highly polish-resistant aggregates
  • Fast construction progress, quick drivability, and thus low impact on traffic
  • Very economical construction due to long lifespan
  • Sealing and conservation of the asphalt pavement (protective surface layer)

Fields of application

  • smooth, brittled, loud asphalt surfaces or concrete roadways with quickly flowing traffic

Safety and Design with POSSEHL EP-GRIP

POSSEHL EP-GRIP is also used in the natural design of asphalt and concrete surfaces in urban planning and landscaping in inner-city squares and pedestrian zones, as well as walking paths and promenades in park areas. Through the usage of various types of grit in different grain sizes and color hues, it is possible to implement unusual design concepts from architects and city planners.

Advantages of EP-GRIP in cities and landscaping

  • Effective structure and color design
  • Quick usage of the areas after coating
  • Easy cleaning after intensive contamination and pollution

Fields of application

  • Restoration of skid-resistance in urban and municipal traffic areas to eliminate accident blackspots
  • Design effect on pedestrian areas, traffic-calmed streets, play areas, park paths, access roads, display areas, leisure areas
  • Application on asphalt and concrete surfaces