Werde Quereinsteiger

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT - The special pavement protection against heat, fuel and chemicals

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT  is an epoxy treatment applied for the protection of surfaces exposed to aggressive substances.

Treated surfaces present the following benefits:

  • Extension oft the functional life time of the asphalt/concrete wearing course
  • Resistance to heat, fuel and all kown chemical de-icing agents
  • Resistance to rubber/dirt removal effected by high-pressure water equipment (fan jet nozzles)
  • Protection of subbase against the effects of aging and environmental influences (weather conditions, UV-rays, de-icing agents, fuel)

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT uses a special sand embedded in a two-component epoxy resin binder, for which POSSEHL has over sixty years of experience. An optional special tinted top coat is available in most various colours.

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT is installed by a specialized machinery with integrated controls that ensurer precise distribution of the binding agent; the treated surface is available for use after a few hours only. A day or night application allows minimized disturbance of operations.

The POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT coat is approx. 3mm-thick and makes the raising of exisiting gutter and adjacent surfaces unnecessary.

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT is suitable for all kinds of areas potentially exposed to the above mentioned damaging elements such as aprons, taxiways, ports, heliports or logistics facilities.