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POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB 20

Maintenance measures for vehicular-use surfaces made from concrete include the replacement of concrete slabs and parts with POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20, joint restorations, the bracing or lifting of panels, and the repair of damaged joints and broken corners.

When concrete vehicular-use surfaces are maintained, the primary objective is the minimization of traffic impairment and the fastest possible availability of the areas in question. This especially applies to federal motorways and the takeoff and landing runways of airports.

POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20 is an extremely fast-hardening concrete. Vehicular-use surfaces made with it can be used freely after a curing period of only 2 hours.

The impressive figures of this type of concrete include 20 N/mm² of pressure resistance, bending tensile strength > 3 N/mm² for traffic approval, and more than 60 N/mm2 of final strength. POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20 is resistant to freezing and de-icing salt acc. to test procedure CDF/CIF.

POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20
is an approved construction method acc. German Guidelines (FGSV M-BEB, ZTV BEB-StB 2015 and TL BEB-StB 2015). Regular tests ensure the quality of the material. Integrated and trained personnel ensure high-quality installation at the construction site.

This facilitates the maintenance of damaged concrete surfaces at night with immediate clearance in the early morning (5 a.m.). Traffic can then run smoothly once more during the day.

Advantages of POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20

  • The alkali-silica reaction (ASR) has been successfully tested by an accredited testing institute
  • Extremely fast-curing concrete - vehicular-use surfaces are open to traffic after a 2-hour settling period
  • Impermeabilty-tested by an accredited testing institute (FDE-concrete = liquid impermeable concrete) for use in water protection areas
  • Resistant to frost and de-icing salt (test procedure CDF/CIF)
  • Nighttime maintenance of damaged concrete surfaces with traffic clearance early in the morning
  • Construction method acc. to German Guidelines (FGSV M-BEB, ZTV BEB-StB 2015 and TL BEB-StB 2015)
  • Quality is assured by regular self-supervised testing
  • Impeccable installation quality assured by our own trained personnel


Fields of application

  • Concrete preservation measures
  • Replacement of slabs and slab parts of concrete roadways, e.g. on federal motorways and concrete surfaces of takeoff and landing runways at airports

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