Werde Quereinsteiger

Pressure Gouting Technique

Concrete  motorways are heavily strained by today’s heavy-duty traffic. When water builds up under the concrete slabs, slab pumping may cause erosion. If the subbase around the joints becomes unstable, concrete slabs may be restored by lifting them up and fastening them.

The lifting of slabs helps remove slab offsets at joints and cracks in the longitudinal and cross profile.

Seating and dowling of concrete slabs is applied when vertical movements of the slabs become noticeable by the overrunning of cars, and when further erosion should be prevented with hollow areas beneath the slabs.

Holes are drilled up to the lower edge of the concrete pavement in regular intervals to allow for undersealing. Then, depending on the requirements, silicate or expanding resins are pressed beneath the slab and the drill holes are completely sealed.

Because highly reactive dual-component resin systems are used for the injection, the time between installation and clearance for traffic is significantly shorter compared to the amount of time required for hydraulic mortar undersealing.