Schenkendorf School, Koblenz
The new kind of school meeting places


A project that attracts attention! Such a construction project has been realized by POSSEHL Spezialbau in Koblenz - Schenkendorfschule, which has created a unique meeting place on its schoolyard by choosing our innovative EP-GRIP URBAN surfacing.

A modern meeting place in the schoolyard can enrich school life and promote social interaction between students. The Schenkendorfschule in Koblenz recognized this and decided to design their schoolyard with a special surfacing. The school placed particular emphasis on safety and sustainability - and thus came to EP-GRIP URBAN with the special feature of the aggregate: GRANUVIT LR.

This circular material was deliberately chosen for the schoolyard to create an inviting and creative atmosphere. Special care was taken to ensure that the color of the surfacing harmonized with the nearby cafeteria. This deliberate color coordination creates an aesthetic uniformity in the school grounds and gives the place an inviting appearance. In addition, GRANUVIT LR is made of 100% recycled glass and ensures a very good structural climate balance.

The decision to use EP-GRIP URBAN proved to be extremely beneficial, as the previously installed surfacing did not meet the requirements of such an exceptional meeting place. Especially in rainy weather, the old surface became increasingly slippery, which led to several minor accidents. However, the safety of the students was always the first priority, and it was clear that an improvement was needed.

EP-GRIP URBAN therefore not only creates an aesthetic appearance, but above all increases safety. The innovative surface provides a non-slip surface that is safe to walk on even when wet. This significantly minimizes the risk of accidents and allows schoolchildren to use the meeting place without hesitation.

With this measure, those responsible at Schenkendorfschule not only had the safety of the pupils in mind, but also met the requirements of the accident insurance fund. A safe schoolyard means fewer accidents and therefore lower costs for the accident insurance fund, resulting in a win-win situation.

Overall, the construction project at the Schenkendorf School in Koblenz shows how careful material selection and consideration of the needs of the school community can contribute to a safe and appealing environment. The EP-GRIP URBAN surfacing not only improved functionality, but also enhanced the appearance of the schoolyard and created a special meeting place for students.

This project serves as an example for other schools and educational institutions that also want to design their schoolyards or outdoor areas. It shows that safety and aesthetics can go hand in hand and that innovative solutions such as EP-GRIP URBAN can help to enrich school life and make it safer.


Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

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