Rapid concrete SB20
A1 Puttgarden

The training site
A night construction site as a "lecture hall

In the night from 30.03. to 31.03.2022, our colleagues from the rapid concrete column received a visit from a group of students from the Technical University of Lübeck.

Together with their professor Dr. Holger Lorenzl, the approx. 20 students had the reason for the measure explained to them by the head of the Operations and Traffic Division of AS Lübeck. 

Afterwards, our crew leader Sven Meyer explained very clearly the procedure used, the special features of our high-speed concrete, which equipment was used and how his well-coordinated team proceeded.

By using our high-speed concrete, it is possible to carry out construction sites, such as the replacement of concrete slabs, in only a few hours at night, so that the rush-hour traffic can flow unhindered again in the morning. Ideally, the concrete surface is fully loadable again after just 2 hours and traffic can flow unhindered again.

A total of 17 defective concrete slabs were replaced in the construction section on the A1 in 8 full night-time closures.

If you are interested in more information, please take a look at the "Services" section of our homepage. There you will find detailed information about our SB20 product.

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