A14 Schwerin

Protection and rehabilitation of road surfaces
Road rehabilitation in 48 hours

Damage to road surfaces - whether built of concrete or asphalt - occurs time and again. Intensive use, especially by heavy goods traffic, and weather influences cause road surfaces to age and lead to damage. Before these damaged areas become larger and a complete replacement of the pavement becomes unavoidable, we can repair the damaged areas with our construction services, rehabilitate the pavement and at the same time significantly extend its service life.

On the A14 between the Schwerin interchange and the Schwerin-Ost exit, we were able to eliminate precisely these problems with our construction services. Defects in the concrete pavement and at the concrete edges would have required replacement in the medium term. This could now be prevented with the targeted, agile deployment of our construction crews and the interaction of several construction areas.

First of all, demarking was carried out and then the carriageway was grinded with the bump cutter. This construction work was carried out by our North Division, which has the necessary know-how and specialists in the field of grooving and grinding. After shot peening, a new road surface course was applied using EP-GRIP MOBIL. On an area of around 4,500m2, damaged areas were rehabilitated here, the pavement completely refurbished and the underlying concrete pavement protected for years to come. Our specialist personnel from the special pavements department were called into action here. After the roadway had been re-marked, it could be reopened to traffic after 48 hours.

A successful operation that shows that we can successfully implement our range of services quickly and agilely across all divisions.

Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

Division Manager Special Pavements for Traffic and Aviation Surfaces

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Matthias Becke

Matthias Becke

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