Lothringer Straße, Aachen

Lothringer Straße, Aachen
Expansion of the cycle priority route

After the expansion of the bike priority routes in 2020, the city of Aachen continued to build on familiar POSSEHL quality in 2021. With the redesign of Lothringer Straße, the cycle priority route in the home of the Printen was extended by another important section.

Cycle priority roads, or cycle fast lanes, are high-quality connections in the cycle traffic network and give permanent priority to cycle traffic over motorized individual traffic. Consequently, the city of Aachen, like many other German cities, relies on the durable, sustainable and above all safe coating EP-GRIP® VELO for the design of these important junctions. By consistently implementing new design standards for bicycle lanes, we are actively shaping the mobility turnaround and thus bringing the know-how of more than 30 years of experience with special pavements permanently to the road.

The autumn weather allowed only a short time window, so the nearly 1,000 m² had to be both prepared and coated within one day. We certainly make the world more colorful.

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

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