Popitzweg, Berlin

Art with construction
An asphalt tattoo in Berlin

Again a proof of the versatility of our product EP-GRIP URBAN, is our project in Berlin. Because our product claim "design and creation in urban and landscaping" was fully brought to life in this project.

In cooperation with an artist, this work of art was created on the newly created green connection between Halemweg and Popitzweg in Berlin. First, the metal installation was completed by the artist. Then the contour of the artwork was taped off and placed on the ground according to very precise plans, finely tuned. The material used was EP-GRIP URBAN in RAL 2003, which was sprinkled with Colorsand.

It is always exciting to see how versatile our product is! If you also have a tricky task for us, please contact us, we will take care of it!

Photo: © Susanne Specht / Lechner Landschaftsarchitekten

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