Athens-Eleftherios Venizelos Airport

Good work pays off
Athens Airport

In 2000, both runways of Athens Airport were rebuilt. Even then, the newly built runways were coated with POSSEHL ANTISKID. The fact that we received a follow-up order for POSSEHL ANTISKID almost 20 years later is testimony to the quality of our construction work and its execution. For 20 years, we were able to preserve the runways and maintain their value. A strong performance and an absolute sign of quality.

20 years later, the lifeline of this airport was again coated withPOSSEHL ANTISKID. The construction work here amounted to about 100,000m2 and further follow-up orders are - due to the great satisfaction - already in the pipeline.

Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

Division Manager Special Pavements for Traffic and Aviation Surfaces

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