New bike lanes in the market town

Bike lanes on the traffic axis
New construction of cycle paths in Waldbröl

The Kaiserstraße B256 in Waldbröl receives with EP-GRIP VELO a safety-oriented modernization. The city of Waldbröl recently completed a remarkable construction project that significantly improves safety and comfort for cyclists.

As part of the redevelopment of the city center in Waldbröl, the Kaiserstraße B256 was equipped with innovative bicycle lanes that have contributed to a significant improvement in road safety through the use of EP-GRIP VELO. This step is an important milestone on the way to becoming a bicycle-friendly city and demonstrates the municipality's commitment to sustainable mobility. The B256 Kaiserstrasse is a major arterial road in Waldbröl and serves as an important link for commuters, pedestrians and cyclists.

Before the bike lanes were built, however, conditions for cyclists were far from ideal. The street was narrow and offered little space for bicycle traffic, which led to dangerous situations. To address these problems, the city administration decided to comprehensively modernize Kaiserstrasse. A central aspect of the redesign was the integration of bicycle lanes with the innovative pavement material EP-GRIP VELO. This specially developed material not only provides excellent grip for bicycle tires, but also increases safety through improved visibility. The bike lanes were designed in eye-catching colors to create a clear distinction from vehicular traffic, thus reducing potential conflicts.

By using EP-GRIP VELO on the bike lanes, cyclists can now navigate more safely and comfortably through Waldbröl. The material provides excellent grip, even in wet conditions, which significantly reduces the risk of falls and accidents. In addition, the increased visibility of the bike lanes allows them to be better seen by other road users, further improving safety. With this construction project, the city of Waldbröl has demonstrated its commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and creating a bicycle-friendly infrastructure. By providing safe and well-equipped bicycle lanes, the city encourages citizens to increasingly use bicycles as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. This not only helps reduce traffic and environmental pollution, but also promotes the health and fitness of residents.

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