Bike path construction in the capital

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New bike path infrastructure in Berlin

POSSEHL Spezialbau in Berlin was awarded a framework contract in 2018 for the colored coating of cycle paths in Berlin. The client was and is GB infravelo GmbH, a newly founded company of Grün Berlin GmbH, which deals exclusively with the expansion of existing cycle paths and the construction of new cycle paths. The objective of the framework contract is to determine the durability and service properties (hardness, SRT values in new and service condition) of various coating materials. According to the tender, the materials thermoplastic, cold plastic and epoxy resin coatings were to be used. In the course of the approx. 60,000 m² of cycling facilities coated since 2018, EP-GRIP VELO (high durability, excellent SRT values) emerged as the favorite. The cycling facilities were coated in the road area in RAL color 6024 traffic green and in the intersection area in RAL 3020 traffic red. At the end of 2021, POSSEHL Spezialbau NL Berlin was commissioned with the planning and execution of the cycling facilities around the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

In the areas of Krummestraße/Zillestraße, which lead directly around the Deutsche Oper, a bicycle lane was constructed, equipped with new white markings, oversized pictograms, bicycle bars, bollards for restricted areas, disabled parking spaces and loading areas for E-stations.In the area of Richard-Wagner-Straße from Bismarck Straße to Otto Suhr-Allee, old bike lanes were demarked, new white markings, various pictograms, bike hoops, bollards and coatings in traffic green and traffic red were produced by NL Berlin employees. Civil engineering adjustments and renovations in the existing asphalt in the road area and in the area of center islands between the directional lanes were carried out by a subcontractor. In total, approx. 8000 m² of coating work, 4000 m of white markings, hundreds of bicycle bars and bollards, various pictograms and civil engineering services were realized. The work was carried out in beaknnt high POSSEHL quality and to the satisfaction of the client, the next construction phase is announced for the year 2023.

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