DFB Academy, Frankfurt

For the world champions of tomorrow
DFB Academy, Frankfurt

After three years of construction, the DFB Academy in Frankfurt was officially opened at the end of June. For the first time, the DFB is bringing administration and sports together under one roof in an area of over 150,000 square meters. There is no doubt that the new DFB Academy is a beacon project for the world's largest individual sports association. Here, the world champions of tomorrow will train in a unique environment.

For us as POSSEHL Spezialbau GmbH, it was a great pleasure to contribute our know-how to this prestigious project and thus to make our contribution to the most important training ground for German soccer. Our colleagues coated outdoor facilities, courtyards, squares and walkways with EP-GRIP® URBAN on an area of around 7,300m2. Design and architectural highlights peppered the entire exterior design. For example, the inner courtyards were coated with 2-color surfaces in anthracite and light gray. This creates design breaks in the small outdoor courtyards and opens up the space. In the outdoor areas near the play and sports areas, light gray inlays in the form of "soccer pentagons" in the main areas form the connecting elements to the all-dominant "soccer" theme.

Once again, some of the advantages of EP-GRIP® URBAN, THE coating for paths and squares, were implemented in this project:

  • Design-architectural ideas even in unusual shapes applied without any problems.
  • Sustainability aspects - less cleaning effort, less use of road salt in winter
  • Minimally invasive application, even with many trades working in parallel.

In just under four weeks of construction, we have created safe paths and spaces around the green lawn. And that's not all: The future of German soccer - at least in the outdoor facilities - will be conceived, decided and played out on EP-GRIP® URBAN. As the first users of the new surface, our national women's team was able to get an idea of the facility in preparation for the European Championship in England. And even Oliver Bierhoff (Managing Director National Teams and Academy) paid our boys a visit.

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Sebastian Voigt

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