BUGA grounds, Deutsches Eck Koblenz

Natural design of asphalt and concrete surfaces
Deutsches Eck Koblenz

Many park and garden paths of historic sites are equipped with classic water-bound pavements. In the past, water-bound pavements were mainly used in Koblenz, too. Although they are inexpensive to produce, they are much more expensive to maintain than bound pavement systems.

In recent decades, this construction method has been further developed and optimized with the construction materials used and the installation technology. However, water-bound pavement can have disadvantages, e.g. wear marks can appear that occur with regular traffic and that can severely impair the use of the path areas in the long term if they are not maintained. Such a problem existed, for example, at the palace forecourt in the area of the cab right of way and the service area.

The goal in Koblenz was a durable asphalt pavement system with coating/spreading à la water-bound pavement and, if possible, even with the same aggregate materials, which, on balance, should be less expensive or equal in price to the previous construction methods. POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU could offer a solution here: EP-GRIP URBAN.

In total, more than 29,000 m² of coating surfaces have been produced in the area of the BUGA, the city of Koblenz and the Ehrenbreitstein fortress plateau. When selecting the aggregates, attention was paid in each case to whether the project was a purely natural design measure or whether additional traffic-related utilization considerations also had to be taken into account. The special flexibilized EP-GRIP binder used is one of many special products manufactured by POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU. The aggregates used ranged from 1/3 mm to 2/4 mm and from quartz, limestone chippings, basalt and bauxite to cherry stone.

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