Cycle paths, City of Freising

Bike lane construction
Freising turns "red-green"

Another building block on the way of the cathedral city Freising to bicycle city!

After detailed consultation with the responsible decision-makers of the construction department, the city fortunately no longer relies on cold plastic here, but on the system of reactive resin granite chippings. POSSEHL Spezialbau successfully participated in the tender already in 2021. In August of this year, the area near the pedestrian zone in the heart of Freising could be completed with EP-GRIP VELO. The cooperation of different sea specialists of POSSEHL Spezialbau resulted in a valuable exchange of experience. As a result, the performance was significantly optimized. The team of the Bavarian branch convinced the building authority and the citizens: High performance, on schedule and free of defects - POSSEHL Spezialbau.

In dangerous areas such as road junctions, the signal color red was used, otherwise green - so that car drivers pay attention to the cyclists. There are also colored areas at some traffic lights. There, cyclists can line up when the light turns red and safely cross the intersection before cars.

The project at a glance:

  • Just under 2,000 m² of EP-GRIP VELO, equivalent to over 1,000 m of colored bike lane.
  • Implementation time incl. white line/arrow and symbol marking less than 2 weeks
  • Only minor disruption to traffic during application
  • Execution under running traffic
  • Long durability due to abrasion-resistant granite chippings
  • Slip-resistant

After Freising, the state capital of Munich is now also planning to apply green to the cycle paths that are not in the intersection area. A city council resolution of the green-red city hall government already exists. Only the asphalt for car traffic remains black.

Wolfgang Schöffel

Wolfgang Schöffel

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