School junction, Gemmerich
More visibility for kindergarten and school routes in Gemmerich


Highly visible traffic areas are an absolute must in inner-city accident zones, especially along school and kindergarten routes.For this reason, the town of Gemmerich has opted for EP-GRIP URBAN as an innovative solution at two junctions in a residential area.

The two intersections, which are located in the immediate vicinity of a kindergarten and a school, were redesigned with our tried-and-tested coating and now offer increased attention and safety.

The aim was to make a total of 230 square meters more visible. A project that was successfully implemented: Thanks to its properties and adaptability to a wide variety of surfaces, EP-GRIP URBAN is a quick and agile solution for increased road safety. The bright signal color and the brightening effect of the coating increase the attention of drivers.

 In addition, EP-GRIP URBAN changes the road noise, which also contributes to improved perception. Thanks to the high grip of the coating, braking distances are also reduced. The use of EP-GRIP URBAN is therefore an all-round sensible measure to increase safety at often critical traffic points such as junctions.

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

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