Hanover bus station

Integrate new surfaces perfectly
Bus lane in front of Hanover station

We love challenges, because they are the salt in the soup of our daily construction services. And it is even nicer when we can then also solve these problems satisfactorily for the client with our services and products.

The relatively small area of 1,200 m² on the bus lane at Ernst-August-Platz in Hanover is not one of our largest areas, but it was technically particularly complex, because many procedures fail when it comes to imitating existing areas or integrating new areas into an existing structural environment.

The task in Hanover was to take up the visual appearance of the special paving of the station forecourt and to integrate the newly built bus lane neatly. This is where one of the advantages of EP-GRIP URBAN comes into play. Because even though it takes a certain amount of effort and a lot of dedication on the part of our employees to find the perfect mixture of 3 different grain sizes for sprinkling the surface, we can mimic the color and pattern almost perfectly and are thus extremely variable and flexible in terms of design.

Thanks to a lot of experience, sure instinct and our high-quality material EP-GRIP URBAN, a surface has been created that fits coherently into the image of the city and enhances it visually.

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Manuel Günther

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