Hofgarten und Gustav-Gründgens-Platz, Düsseldorf

Urban spaces - redesigned
Around the Schauspielhaus

Good work pays off. Over a period of more than 3 years with several follow-up orders and individual projects, park paths and open spaces around the Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf were coated with EP-GRIP® URBAN thus creating a new inner-city meeting place for all generations.

An area of 22,000m2consisting of park paths, squares and special orders provides for a bit more urban quality of life, which we were able to actively shape - as part of the major urban planning project Kö-Bogen II. And this in the middle of Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The variety of tasks also shows our range of services: On the large open space in front of the Schauspielhaus, we designed EP-GRIP® URBAN was used to create the Gustav-Gründgen-Platz. In the Hofgarten itself, the dark, asphalted main paths were beautified by our coating in a manner close to nature and, in addition, the albedo effect was actively supported. A highlight: the coating of the sidewalks on the urban development innovation - the walkable "triangular meadow".

On this single section, the safety advantages of EP-GRIP® URBAN All in all: a project that, through the various construction phases and tasks, demonstrated the complete competence of our construction crews and on which EP-GRIP® URBAN was able to exploit its many advantages.

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

Subsidiary Manager NRW / Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland / Ba-Wü

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