Concrete renovation
Kavalier Dallwigk, Ingolstadt

Major project in Ingolstadt
Kavalier Dallwigk

At Kavalier Dallwigk, the order was for concrete refurbishment on the transformer building, the water tower and basic building. After we had cleaned over 3000 m² of the facade using the low-pressure blasting method, well over 15,000 stones were replaced in the appropriate monastery format. Stones that were only superficially damaged were reconstructed with applications of stone replacement compound.

Over the area, more than 50% of the joints were renewed, with different mortars and their shades, since the designs were from different periods of the past. This meant that a wide variety of samples had to be created first, which had to be inspected and approved by the site management, technical site management and material testers. Here we benefited from the fact that our staff can draw on 40 professional years of experience and more.

Mathias Schäfer

Mathias Schäfer

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