Münster Cycle Route

A contribution to the Mobilty Transition
Münster Cycle Route

Rethinking starts in the head - The city of Münster receives award for its courageous mobility concept and Possehl has actively helped to shape it!

On 5.5km and an area of 21,200m², the bicycle city of Münster has given cyclists priority over automobile traffic through a consistent and trend-setting redesign of the bicycle infrastructure.

For its commitment to make cycling safer, the city of Münster was awarded the second place in the category infrastructure of the German Bicycle Award 2021 for the project "Fahrradstrassen 2.0". We as Possehl are happy for our client about the award and are proud to contribute our part to establish new quality standards in cycling with the red coloring of the tramline.

We congratulate all winners and look forward to actively shaping the mobility turnaround with our partners again this year!

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

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