POSSEHL Asphalt preservation
Münster-Osnabrück Airport

Premiere on the runway
Asphalt preservation at Münster-Osnabrück Airport

Is it possible to extend the service life of a touchdown area with POSSEHL AsKo preservation? After an on-site appointment at short notice, it was clear that we could help. And shortly thereafter, the first order for asphalt preservation on a runway arrived at the company. Similar to our POSSEHL EP-GRIP MOBIL , asphalt preservation is a construction method that requires absolute dryness.

And then this measure should also be carried out at night... As much as we have struggled with the weather conditions during the year, this year's March in 2021 was so beautiful. On 24.03., the day of execution, the sun shone on us during the day at almost 20 degrees. And also the evening hours were so perfect that the work was carried out by our team without hesitation. Afterwards, the surface was treated with high pressure water by our subcontractor, the company BGS, so that the necessary grip for flight operations could be ensured by exposing the grain tips.

After the success of this project, we hope to be able to increasingly use our product POSSEHL AsKo on flight operation surfaces in the future.

Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

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