Rapid concrete SB20
Munich Airport

Concrete repair during operation
Fourth rapid concrete operation at Munich Airport

Munich Airport - with its two runways, taxiways, two terminals and associated aprons - has become a regular client for POSSEHL Spezialbau since 2016. Thus, in the late summer of 2022, the installation performance of the SB20 rapid concrete was convincing at the airport for the fourth time. Due to the Corona pandemic, no order was planned for the coming years, because the airport was always able to close one runway for the long term during the pandemic. Thus, due to the limited flight operations, it had enough time to renew 24,000m² of concrete pavement with conventional floor concrete. The need for SB20 fast-setting concrete, which is released for air traffic again within two to three hours after installation in night shifts and short closure breaks (rolling weight of Airbus A380 approx. 500 tons!), was simply not necessary. At the beginning of May 2022, we were surprised by a request from Munich Airport for 140 m³ of SB20 rapid concrete. Planning is difficult for such a spontaneous request. On the one hand, the logistics have to be taken into account, which requires an enormous amount of personnel in compliance with airport safety regulations. During the project, 85 tons of SB20 rapid concrete and 210 tons of chippings were transported in semitrailer trucks. On the other hand, two mixing plants are required for the required quantity of concrete and at least 10 people, who are also safety-checked. Without a safety check (ZÜP), no access is granted to the safety area, in our case to the paving site.

Despite all the challenges, POSSEHL Spezialbau was able to provide the service to everyone's satisfaction and on time. It became apparent that all employees involved from the Special Rehabilitation (NL 60) and South (NL 50) divisions pulled together with their colleagues from Austria and with joint "POSSEHL Power" led the project to its goal.

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