Neuer Kanzlerplatz, Bonn
Urban design in the city quarter


The Neuer Kanzlerplatz urban quarter in Bonn, formerly known as Neues Europaquartier or Hochhaus am Kanzlerplatz, was built on the site of the old Bonn Centre between the beginning of 2019 and the end of 2022. It consists of three separate buildings, including a high-rise, and is located on Bundeskanzlerplatz on the edge of the federal district in Bonn-Gronau. And the "New Chancellor Square" in Bonn is more than impressive: Modern, bright and inviting, the new high-rises blend into the cityscape of the former capital. EP-GRIP URBAN provides the finishing touch, aesthetically rounding off the neighbourhood area in a prime location with two different types of stone.

Thanks to the wide range of colours and design variety offered by EP-GRIP URBAN, the square harmonises perfectly with its surroundings Röhrig Granit light (1-2 mm) and Röhrig Granit grey (1-3 mm) complement each other perfectly and make the area an aesthetic eye-catcher.

A total of 5,100 square metres had to be coated. It was not only the three tower blocks that limited the area, but also a number of fixtures such as flower beds, bicycle parking spaces and entrances. The latter had to remain freely accessible for residents and tenants. However, the fast curing properties of EP-GRIP URBAN enabled us to fulfil these requirements without any problems and complete the job efficiently as usual.

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

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