Small Kiel Canal, Kiel

The color matters
Small Kiel Canal

When city planners, tourism experts and historians pull together, the results are amazing! Such cooperation can be admired in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, where urban planning was driven forward on the basis of old maps. The aim of the construction project, which has the working title "Kleiner Kiel-Kanal" ("Small Kiel Canal"), is to revitalize the city center and provide a better quality of stay.

A three-color coating of the asphalt has been applied to the bridge. In addition, the intersection areas of Andreas-Gayk-Strasse and Rathausstrasse were given a fourth color, and the ends of the surface were rounded off with a fifth color.

Our team from Schleswig-Holstein more than succeeded!

Florian Lentz

Florian Lentz

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