Rehabilitation with mastic asphalt
Underground car park in Braunschweig

Rehabilitation of the asphalt surface layer
Mastic asphalt in the underground garage

The ravages of time also gnaw away at underground garages and parking garages, even if these special areas are exposed to little external weathering. Here, the constant use of the parking areas alone is enough to create a need for renovation. This was also the case with the parking levels in the underground parking garage "Packhof" in the city of Braunschweig in Lower Saxony.

In the area of the parking spaces of the car axles, deformations occurred in the asphalt surface course. In some cases, these deformations were so pronounced that car owners had already fallen. A repair of the surface layer was therefore inevitable. Within 3 weeks POSSEHL Spezialbau rehabilitated about 450sqm  asphalt surface course with mastic asphalt by manual paving. These were distributed over many 80cm wide individual areas.

The low height of the underground car park prevented the use of heavy equipment. With special construction equipment such as a smaller asphalt milling machine and a special mastic asphalt dumper, pragmatic solutions were found for these problems: Special construction in perfection!

After completion of the surface course rehabilitation, the rehabilitation of 1100 m of joints and the application of around 117 m of Type II longitudinal markings followed. And all this was done fully on schedule.

Jana Kircher

Jana Kircher

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