Flughafen Václav Havel, Prag

Prague airport
Rehabilitation of taxiways and heliport

Václav Havel Airport in the Czech capital Prague is the largest airport in the Czech Republic and the national air hub. Here, too, increasing passenger numbers and increased air traffic were noticeable - until the corona-related slump. In order to cope with this and to continue to protect the environment from environmentally harmful substances, around 16,000m2 of our Paveprotect coating was installed within 2 years.

In this case, the main area of application for our construction work was taxiways and the airport's central helicopter landing pad, which was frequently affected by contamination with operating materials. So here, too, we were able to protect and seal the underlying surface and maintain the airport's operational readiness in these areas.

Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

Division Manager Special Pavements for Traffic and Aviation Surfaces

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