Asphalt meets ceramic
Historic ambience in Mettlach


When innovation meets history, a unique challenge is created. This was also the case in Mettlach. Directly in front of the headquarters of the renowned company Villeroy & Boch, a construction project with the highest demands awaited us: a 700 square metre area that was to be newly coated and yet harmonise with the historical image of the surrounding buildings.

The choice fell on our high-quality EP-GRIP URBAN coating, which was sprinkled with Euroquarz Siligran. The overriding aim of the project was to restore the surface to its historic appearance while preserving the authenticity of the location. The quartz, which comes from our own group of companies and thus demonstrates the strength of the POSSEHL Group, impresses with its high aesthetic appeal. The area, which is open to the public and adjoins a museum, various exhibitions and a café, blends in perfectly with the historical character of the neighbourhood.

But it wasn't just the visual requirements that spoke in favour of EP-GRIP URBAN: the long durability and resistance of the coating were also decisive factors. EP-GRIP URBAN is particularly resistant and durable. Despite environmental influences such as UV radiation and moisture as well as mechanical abrasion, the surface remains optimally protected. Frequent renovation or maintenance work is therefore unnecessary.

The decision in favour of EP-GRIP URBAN therefore proved to be the ideal solution, meeting the aesthetic requirements of the project while ensuring the long-term preservation of the historic site.

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt

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