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POSSEHL Coatings

Refurbish. Preserve. Design.
Our wide range of services for your specific application

Our wide-ranging portfolio of services enables us to cover a large part of our customers' needs in a targeted manner. Our construction services are used in many areas of application. With our concrete and asphalt services, we maintain and rehabilitate traffic areas quickly and efficiently.

With our know-how in structural rehabilitation, we repair buildings and maintain important infrastructure, e.g. in the area of railroad structures. EP-GRIP® URBAN and EP-GRIP® VELO help shape urban traffic and structural change - customized and ecological. Our services for air traffic areas ensure smooth operations at airports, save costs and protect the environment.

EP-GRIP surfaces

EP-GRIP® are surface systems based on a binder of reactive resin. They are used on both lightly and heavily loaded traffic surfaces and are our color and design wonders in the performance portfolio.


Concrete construction

With our concrete construction methods, we ensure the protection and preservation of concrete surfaces. We rehabilitate and repair - quickly and competently overnight if necessary.


Concrete techniques

We maintain and rehabilitate concrete surfaces using proven and approved methods. Our specialists thus extend the service life of concrete (and asphalt) traffic surfaces.


Asphalt construction

From construction to value-preserving rehabilitation - in the asphalt sector, our employees cover the complete portfolio.



The non-slip POSSEHL ANTISKID® can decisively reduce web occupancy times, increase safety and capacity, and thus improve profitability.



Our coatings ensure more safety and efficiency in everyday work. Our special coatings also protect the environment from hazardous substances and ensure plenty of "drift" on traffic practice areas.


Building renovation

Our structural rehabilitation services are used to repair buildings, shafts, bridges and other structures of all kinds in need of rehabilitation. We have specialized in the infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn AG.