Asphalt - a building material for all occasions
POSSEHL Asphalt construction

The most important building material in road construction

The growing traffic load is placing increasingly higher demands on asphalt construction. In addition, asphalt is also used in railroad, airfield, landfill and hydraulic engineering as well as in the construction of industrial and commercial facilities. Asphalt is excellently suited for a wide variety of applications, even under complicated spatial and climatic conditions.

Good reasons for asphalt

The condition of our traffic surfaces will become even more important in the future. Comfort, safety, environmental compatibility and mobility combined with profitability are requirements that must be met today by a high-quality road surface. Asphalt, with its noise-reducing, versatile design and also environmentally friendly properties, meets the requirements of our time and is thus the optimum solution for surface designs of all kinds.

Asphalt - a safe choice

Due to its material composition, asphalt is able to adapt individually to local conditions. With its grippy surface and the associated positive effects on driving safety and noise, asphalt ensures the necessary safety in road traffic - whether in a car, on a motorcycle, on a bicycle or on foot. Asphalt, properly laid, knows neither steps nor joints or tripping hazards - and it can do even more: for example, porous asphalts reduce the risk of aquaplaning as well as emerging spray plumes, thus enabling safe driving in any weather. Asphalt - the right choice for the environment Asphalt is a thoroughly natural material. That's why asphalt is also a very environmentally friendly construction material. Reclaimed asphalt can be easily recycled and used 100 percent in the production of new asphalt for paving roads or paths. On the one hand, asphalt can be produced absolutely watertight and thus store drinking water or protect groundwater from contamination. On the other hand, asphalt - in open-pored construction - can feed clean rainwater directly to the groundwater and thus relieve canals and flood-prone rivers. Asphalt thus also provides new impetus and solutions for environmental protection.

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