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POSSEHL Coatings

Our surface coatings are true "specialists" in their respective fields of application. And our coating experts ensure the correct application of these specialists. POSSEHL Spezialbau sees itself here as a project companion from the very beginning and as a "full-service" partner, because complex preparatory work is often necessary, especially for maintenance and renovation work. Thanks to our broad portfolio, we can also provide expert floor preparation and renovation (filling, mortaring, sealing, etc.) before the actual coating work is carried out.

In the field of industrial floor coatings, we set standards in terms of safety (grip, etc.), efficiency (short blocking times, long durability) and design (freedom of design through choice of color, incorporation of logo in the coating possible).

Our complete portfolio is used for parking garage coatings. In this way, we ensure traffic-safe, bright and modern parking facilities.

The WHG coatings ensure more environmental protection in environmentally sensitive areas. With the construction and coating of sliding surfaces, we support traffic practice areas and race tracks with our special know-how. Here, too, we can draw on years of experience.

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Industrial floor coating

Industrial floor coatings are literally the "basis" of industry and commerce. They must meet the highest standards of quality, safety and design. With our many years of know-how, we accompany you - right from the start.

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Parking garage coating

Parking garage surfaces are exposed to particular stresses due to daily traffic, introduced pollution and weather influences. POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU offers complete repair and coating concepts for the operators of parking garages and underground garages.

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WHG coating

With our water protection coatings, we help in environmentally sensitive areas. Here, leaks can pose a risk to the environment. The daily refueling of motor vehicles at service stations with unavoidable fuel losses also poses a potential hazard to soil, groundwater and surface waters. We counteract these hazards.

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Sliding surfaces

Our services for industrial and factory surfaces range from floor coatings for warehouses and production halls to the construction of sliding surfaces for traffic practice areas and racetracks. We make floors and surfaces safer, more efficient and more durable.