For environment and nature conservation
Water protection coatings (WRA)

The protective coating for environmentally sensitive areas
Water protection coatings (WRA)

In environmentally sensitive areas, such as the petrochemical industry, leaks can pose a risk to the environment. The daily refueling of motor vehicles at service stations with unavoidable fuel losses also poses a potential hazard to soil, groundwater and surface waters. Here, the legislator has stipulated safety measures to prevent contamination of the environment (AwSV, BetrSichV).

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU is a TÜV-monitored specialized company according to § 62 Abs. 4 WHG.

In the field of joint rehabilitation, we offer customized concepts for building maintenance (maintenance joints) and new construction - from cutting to sustainable filling of joints - in concrete surfaces of filling stations or catchment areas or catchment basins according to WHG.

For the repair of damaged coatings as well as cracks and joints in concrete, we use excellent, proven water protection systems from our subsidiary cds Polymere with unusually good building substance preserving properties:

  • chemically resistant and impermeable
  • resistant to mechanical impact
  • crack-bridging and ductile
  • dissipative
  • weather resistant
  • trafficable
  • approved by the German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin (DIBt)

WRA Systems

  • Two-component water protection systems based on epoxy resin: tested for decades and approved according to WHG, DIBt, ZTV-ING, BAST.
  • cds-WHG 2: approx. 2 mm, resistant to chemicals and trafficable, as waterproofing of catch basins, catch spaces and surfaces made of reinforced concrete.
  • cds-AS/WHG 2: approx. 2 mm, chemical-resistant, trafficable and electrically conductive, for sealing catch basins, catch spaces and surfaces made of reinforced concrete.
  • cds-AS/WHG-TS: approx. 5 mm, trafficable and electrically conductive, as coating of filling station surfaces according to DWA-A (TRwS).
  • Crack-bridging WHG coating based on polysulfide - an innovative sealing system for catch basins in mineral oil, fuel and chemical storage facilities. Difficult substrates and complex structures (e.g. pipe penetrations, manholes, flat-bottom tanks) are permanently sealed. In accordance with the criteria of the DIBt approval, the system is resistant to the following groups of substances: Fuels, oils, hydrocarbons, mixtures containing benzene, alcohols, esters and ketones as well as diluted acids, alkalis and their salts. DIBt-approved.