For more hygiene and better productivity

Efficient barn coatings
For hygienic and safe working environments

Are you planning a new construction or renovation of your barn?

Put your trust in POSSEHL BASE AGRAR. The hygienic and fast coating is an efficient, economical and sustainable investment in the health and performance of your animals.

Contamination of the feed due to damaged and washed-out feed tables not only impairs the feed quality, but also affects the health of your animals. Under certain circumstances, fermentation juices and mold can form in porous old stock. The consequences are manifold: pathogens and other harmful substances attack the health of your animals, which can lead to lower nutrient intake and therefore reduced performance.

With our high-quality coating system for milk chambers, milking parlors and feeding tables on walls and floors, we guarantee long-term compliance with hygiene regulations. The seamless POSSEHL BASE AGRAR floor coating enables quick and easy cleaning and ensures greater cleanliness in the barn.  

It goes without saying that our coatings also comply with all occupational safety regulations. A high level of slip resistance is particularly important in the milking parlour, which you can optimize with POSSEHL BASE AGRAR.

Fugenloser Einbau

Quick &
seamless installation

Einfache Pflege & Reinigung

Easy cleaning,
care and maintenance

Langlebige Oberfläche

Durable surface

Beständig gegen Chemie

Resistant to mechanical
and chemical influences