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Industrial floor coating

Functionality, occupational safety and design
Industrial floor coating

Industrial floor coatings are literally the "basis" of industry and commerce. Safety is the top priority here: the surface protection coatings must be non-slip and slip-resistant - and also stable and mechanically resilient.

From the point of view of functionality, it is important that cleaning work can be carried out quickly and easily, and as a design element they are part of the corporate design and the business card of a company. They serve to protect the environment to avoid contamination by seepage of oils, chemicals or other liquids harmful to groundwater.

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU GMBH offers, in addition to the new installation of industrial floors, comprehensive repair concepts, including all substrate pre-treatments, modern installation technology, e.g. as thin coatings, which provide stronger mechanical protection than pure sealing systems, or as thick coatings, which achieve a more uniform surface when the profile of the substrates is uneven. We use products from our subsidiary cds Polymere, among others, for this purpose.