Restoration of all types of concrete surfaces
Concrete restoration

Rehabilitation of roads, bridges & tunnels
Concrete restoration

The advantages of concrete construction in road building - load-bearing capacity and durability - will be even more important in the future to ensure that our federal trunk road network continues to fulfill its important function as a guarantor of mobility. Concrete traffic surfaces are characterized by lower maintenance requirements. Nevertheless, structural maintenance of concrete traffic surfaces is also required here, such as:

  • concrete runways, floor slabs and concrete fields
  • Industrial floor surfaces
  • hall floors
  • airfields, taxiways and parking areas
  • in the area of track construction "slab track
  • Runway

In order to achieve a fast traffic release, a fast setting and early loadable construction material (20 N/mm² after 2 hours for e.g. early traffic release) is required. Here we use approved, special materials, most of which have been developed from within our own group of companies, e.g.:

  • Rapid concrete type B and repair concrete according to TL BEB-StB
  • Epoxy resin mortar
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Matthias Becke

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Mathias Schäfer

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