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Rapid concrete SB20

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Rapid concrete SB20

In the case of concrete traffic areas, maintenance measures include the replacement of slabs and slab parts with SB20 rapid concrete, joint rehabilitation, fixing or lifting slabs, and repairing chipped edges or broken corners. When concrete traffic areas are repaired, the focus is on minimizing traffic disruptions and making the areas available again as quickly as possible. This applies in particular to federal highways and airport runways.

POSSEHL High Speed Concrete SB20 is an extremely fast curing concrete. Traffic areas produced with it can be fully used again after a lying time of only 2 hours. 20 N/mm² compressive strength and a flexural tensile strength > 3 N/mm² for traffic release as well as more than 60 N/mm² final strength are the impressive characteristics of this concrete. POSSEHL fast setting concrete SB20 is frost de-icing salt resistant according to test method CDF/CIF. It can therefore also be used for the highest exposure classes XF3 and XF4.

Quality POSSEHL Rapid Concrete SB20 is a tested construction method according to FGSV M-BEB, ZTV BEB-StB 2015 and TL BEB-StB 2015. Regular control tests ensure the material quality. Trained personnel ensure quality installation on the construction site. This makes it possible to repair defective concrete surfaces during the night with immediate release in the early morning (5 a.m.). Traffic can resume smoothly during the day.

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Matthias Becke

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Mathias Schäfer

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Fast curing

Low traffic impact - traffic areas loadable after 2 hours curing time

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AKR-Performance test

AKR-Performance tested and passed (tested by an accredited testing institute)

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FDE concrete testing

Tested for impermeability function (FDE concrete) by an accredited testing institute for use in WHG areas

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance through regular self-monitoring tests, construction method in accordance with FGSV M-BEB, ZTV BEB-StB 2015 and TL BEB-StB 2015

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Flawless installation quality by our own specially trained personnel

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DIN EN 13813, frost de-icing salt resistant according to test method CDF/CIF, exposure class XF4