Restoration and preservation of concrete surfaces
Concrete techniques

Measures to preserve value
Concrete techniques

Countless kilometers of highway in Germany have been built using concrete. Concrete pavements have their justification here, as they can offer certain advantages when properly manufactured. This is because their high load-bearing capacity and deformation stability are major plus points, especially in heavy traffic. Hybrid roadways (asphalt for cars on the left, concrete for trucks on the right) are currently under construction or have already been completed.

Despite their durability, concrete surfaces also have disadvantages and require a certain amount of maintenance and rehabilitation. With our value-preserving and life-extending services and techniques, we are on concrete surfaces and use our years of experience to maintain these traffic surfaces in concrete construction.

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Pressure Gouting Technique

If the subgrade conditions in the joint area should be unstable, concrete slabs can be rehabilitated by lifting and fixing.

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Joint Technology

We offer tailor-made concepts for building maintenance and new construction, from cutting joints to filling joints and cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces

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Dowel and Tie Bars

In the course of maintaining concrete traffic surfaces, cracks shall be repaired by subsequent insertion of dowels and anchors in concrete pavements.