Joint and crack repair
Cut and Joint Technology

Maintain and rehabilitate traffic areas

POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU offers customized concepts for construction maintenance and new construction, from cutting joints to filling joints and cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces according to ZTV Fug-StB, ZTV Beton-StB, ZTV Asphalt-StB and ZTV BEA-StB.

A wide range of cutting work is possible with our equipment. State-of-the-art hydraulic aggregates are used, some with integrated slurry suction devices. The execution of special cuts also presents no problems for our specialists. For the rehabilitation of cracks, we use the proven milling/casting method. By milling the cracks, the tension is removed and thus a longer durability of the rehabilitation is guaranteed.

Joint cutting

  • Cutting of transverse joints, longitudinal dummy joints and press joints
  • notch cuts, diagonal cuts, extension cuts
  • Deep and separation cuts up to 50 cm cutting depth, diamond saw blades up to 1200 mm diameter
  • HGT cut-offs
  • horizontal cutting of curbs and bridge caps
  • cutting of concrete and asphalt for induction loops at traffic lights, docking systems on airfields as well as guided industrial trucks