Joint and crack repair
Cut and Joint Technology

Maintain and rehabilitate traffic areas

Chipped edges on the runway. A fine crack running through the road. A deformed kerb that becomes a tripping hazard - joints and edges play an important role in road and air traffic. In fact, they are present wherever asphalt and concrete surfaces can be found, for example on pedestrian and cycle paths, tank areas, car parks and industrial facilities.

Extreme weather conditions such as heat, frost and rain, chemical influences and daily stress cause joints and edges to lose stability over time. The consequences are spalling, cracks and subsidence as well as erosion and wear, which also affect the aesthetics of the surface.

Fortunately, there are various methods for repairing joints, edges and any cracks: With our customised concepts, we renovate concrete and asphalt surfaces precisely and effectively, restoring the safety and longevity of the surfaces.

Joint restoration

Joint restoration usually begins with the complete removal of the old joint material. Our range of equipment enables a wide variety of precise cutting work. State-of-the-art hydraulic units, some with integrated sludge extraction devices, efficiently remove the old joint material. The joint gap is then cleaned and the new grout is applied. The correct procedure - hot or cold grouting - depends on the type of joint and the specific requirements of the project.

Edge restoration

To repair chipped, deformed or brittle edges, we first remove the damaged material and clean the surface. We then apply our epoxy resin mortar, specially developed within the POSSEHL Spezialbau Group, which enables the surfaces to be driven on again within a short time. Finally, the edge is moulded and smoothed to restore its original shape.

Repair of existing asphalt cracks

Our services also include the repair and restoration of asphalt cracks. We first widen and deepen the damaged area using a crack cutter. After cleaning, depending on the surface and material, we apply a hot sealant or tape sealant. Alternatively, the crack is sealed using the HPS method.

Our services at a glance

POSSEHL Spezialbau offers customised concepts for building maintenance and new construction. Our services range from joint cutting to filling joints and cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces. We would be happy to create a customised concept for you and offer you specific solutions.

All our services are carried out in accordance with ZTV Fug-StB, ZTV Beton-StB, ZTV Asphalt-StB and ZTV BEA-StB.

Joint cutting

  • Cutting of transverse joints, longitudinal dummy joints and press joints
  • notch cuts, diagonal cuts, extension cuts
  • Deep and separation cuts up to 50 cm cutting depth, diamond saw blades up to 1200 mm diameter
  • HGT cut-offs
  • horizontal cutting of curbs and bridge caps
  • cutting of concrete and asphalt for induction loops at traffic lights, docking systems on airfields as well as guided industrial trucks